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The 3rd International Masterclass for Conductors: 9-15 April 2015

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After very successful masterclasses in Brasov in 2013 and 2014, we announce the 3rd edition of this exceptional event in the most beautiful city of Romania.
Between 9 and 15 April 2015, conductors from all over the world are welcome to Brasov in order to learn, rehearse and give a concert with full professional orchestra, under the guidance of maestro Cristian Orosanu.
You will discover a very effective method of score study, together with a conducting technique based on Sergiu Celibidache’s school.

For detailed informations, please open the following PDF: Download Masterclass 2015




  1. Daniel Salacinski says:

    I advise this masterclasses. Maestro Orosanu gives very valuable advices, and can quickly solve any technical problem. He is a cheerful man who create an atmosphere of trust and proffesional friendship. The orchestra is a joyful and open to rehearsal. I met very nice and talented young conductors from different parts of a world, and enjoyed their company in beautiful town of Brasov. The course was perfectly prepared.

  2. I can deeply recommend this masterclass to everyone!! A nice atmosphere with no time-pressure, led by a very dedicated teacher! Maestro Orosanu has a bag full of very useful tips for every student. Great cooperation from all the musicians which where involved in succeeding this Masterclass! Bravo!

  3. Radan Jovanović says:

    It was a great experience for me attending this course. Me and also other students did get essential advices from Maestro Orosanu of what should we work on to be better conductors. Also, one of the things I liked very much is introduction to Bar form analysis, which is a extremely efficient way of score studying. Thanks to Maestro Orosanu I realized many things I was doing wrong, and ways to make them better, and also I was more aware of things I was good at, so I got much more confident with them. Both Maestro Orosanu and musicians from the string quartet and Kamerata Kronstadt were extremely welcoming and open to all students and willing to help, discuss and cooperate on a professional and very good spirited way.

    Thank you!

  4. Joey Mendelssohn says:

    No amount of words can make me describe how wonderful this masterclass is, thanks to Maestro Orosanu, i came to realise my strengths and weaknesses. A place to make good friends and advance your skills in a stress free environment. I became more confident thanks to the advises from the musicians from the orchestra and the quartet, they are indeed wonderful and worked in a professional way. Overall a amazing experience !

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