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The 2nd International Masterclass for Conductors – 18-24 april 2014

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After a very successful masterclass together with the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra in May 2013, we announce the 2nd edition of this exceptional event in the most beautiful city of Romania.

Between 18th and 24th april 2014, conductors from allover the world are welcome to Brasov in order to learn, rehearse and give a concert with full professional orchestra and under the guidance of maestro Cristian Orosanu.

You will discover a very effective method of score study, together with a conducting technique based on Sergiu Celibidache’s school.


For detailed informations, please open the following PDF:  master aprilie 2014

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  1. Taepyeong Kwak says:

    It was very exciting experience. From basic pattern to practical rehearsal and concert with orchestra, I could learn all of important things on conducting. I recommend his masterclass to anyone – beginner, student and also professional conductor! Thanks to Maestro Cristian Orosanu, and Brasov Philharmonic orchestra.

  2. Dambrouski Aliaksei says:

    Very efficient and helpful master class with a wonderful conductor and teacher Cristian Orosanu!!!Was very pleased to gain invaluable experience!!!Great words to masetro Cristian Orosanu,musicians from String Quintet,Brasov Philarmonic orchestra and very nice country-Romania!!!

  3. Karin Hendel says:

    I was deeply impressed by maestro Orosanu, who seemed to open doors to further development for every participant , far beyond this very intense week….had great fun to work with the extraordinary musicians in Brasov. Very pleasant , but efficient atmosphere created by this gifted teacher and conductor….I hope to be back soon to learn more.

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