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International Conducting Workshop for Beginners, November 2013

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Beginners think they will never be able to participate in a conducting workshop.

What do you think?

In my opinion, practice with ensembles is important from the very beginning!

I will show you the easy way to lead musicians.

If you are a good musician, you already have the essential quality to be a conductor. Just try!

  • Very beautiful concert last week with the participants in my first workshop for beginners!
  • I’ll organize a second one soon.

Cristian Orosanu




  1. Alistair says:

    I am keenly interested in this!

  2. Rinda says:

    Taking the Beginning Conducting Masterclass was one of the most exciting things I’ve done! Cristian Orosanu was a wonderful, patient teacher. He is gifted in his leading style, being direct, but not negative; encouraging, but not false; and instructive, but not overwhelming. Cristian has given me the experience and memory of a lifetime.

    • Yes Rinda, it was a very good experience for me as well!
      Also, congratulations for the beautiful concert last week, together with the other participants in my first workshop for beginners!
      I’ll organize a second one soon.
      Cristian Orosanu

  3. Alexandros Geralis says:

    I was very pleased to have participated in Maestro Orosanu’s masterclass. I suggest this specific one for young conducting students looking to become comfortable working with ensembles, but also other musicians curious about conducting; even first time beginners are welcomed and encouraged by Cristian. His teaching style is adaptive to every individual. I liked the fact that the atmosphere was relaxed and encouraging. I personally was happy to brush up on some technical exercises and also to have taken away with me the analysis which Cristian teaches – a highly effective analysis method which is more logical for a conductor as to form analysis (which really has a different purpose).
    I have been conducting for several years, and attended many masterclasses, this however is the only one I know of which caters to beginner and intermediate levels.

    The fact the the masterclass takes place in Brasov over a number of days and with a schedule that allows you to enjoy the beautiful city is a plus. As I understood this was the first time it took place and maybe it will continued. Seats are limited because of the orchestra time so for anyone interested keep it in mind.

    *For experienced young conductors and more advanced students you may enquire about Maestro Orosanu’s other masterclass which is with a full orchestra and more difficult repertoire.

    • Thank you Alex! I’m happy it was such a beautiful time for you in Brasov.
      I strongly believe in this analysis, indeed. I’m working with it since more than 20 years and can tell it’s very effective.
      Hope to see you soon, with the orchestra.
      Cristian Orosanu

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